Secrets of Natural Walking

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Walking is so simple…

Yet many struggle because they are not walking properly. It is easy to pick up a few bad habits that make the way we walk less efficient and possibly detrimental to our health. by learning the Secrets of Natural Walking, we can take every step in our daily life to improve the state of our body, mind, heart, emotions and whole being. Our physical body is the Creation and Gift from the Creator bestowed with various natural abilities including regeneration and self-healing. The Secrets of Walking seminar consists of two half day sessions with both theory and interactive practical exercises to help guide us to reap the benefits from walking properly and naturally.


Why do we Need to Walk Properly?

The food we eat is not simply to fill our empty stomach rather to nourish our body iwht the essential nutrients and vitamins that we need. Likewise, every single step is not simply to move our body but to adjust our muscles, spine, meridians and discs of our spine, improving our overall health and at the same time clearing our mind, heart and negative emotion.



The Secrets of Natural Walking seminar teaches us the way to walk properly and naturally to enable the natural functions in our body to awaken and function again in the best possible way to allow us to obtain positive results.


The Natural Solution that Solves the Real Cause

We will recognise many common mistakes people make in walking and learn the methods to fix them. Many participants will start to enjoy the benefits of Natural Walking even before the seminar ends. You will correct the real cause of your problems including problems that may have been previously unknown.


Common proven benefits

  • Persistent neck pain disappeared
  • Digestion improved
  • Chronic knee pain healed
  • Hunched back is now straighter
  • Body more proportional in size
  • Swelling in the feet from arthritis has disappeared
  • Blood sugar levels have become more stable for diabetics
  • Breasts lifted, firmer and increased in size
  • Weight loss and reduced cravings
  • Improved scoliosis condition and as a result grew 2.5cm in height
  • Improved sleep quality
  • Mind feels calmer and heart feels freer

Price NZ$200.00