Advanced Workshops

Advanced workshops in New Zealand and Internationally.

Inner Heart

Duration: 1 day

Prerequisite: Reiki Tummo 2 & Open Heart Prayer (either 10x in a practice group with senior alumni or 10x  in the online in the chat room or Open Heart Prayer 5x in a practice group  / 5x line in the chatroom plus 10x on your own or 20x on your own)

Price: $240 new; $60 repeat

The Inner Heart workshop is usually held the day before the Spiritual Retreat and is a prerequisite for the Spiritual Retreat. During the Inner Heart Workshop you have the opportunity to understand the heart versus the mind; understanding your inner heart; Learn to activate and energize your inner heart and learn to let the inner heart be the director of your life so that you can be closer to the Creator.


Spiritual Retreat

Duration: 2 days plus evening sessions

Prerequisite: Either  Reiki Tummo 3A, Kundalini, Meditation, Inner Heart Or Open Heart 6

Price: $400 new; $125 repeat (meals and accommodation additional) (also see below for Spiritual Retreat Package)

Advanced Tummo techniques and deeper spiritual understandings are given during Spiritual Retreat to enrich your spiritual practices and prepare you to expand your consciousness towards higher levels. This is a wonderful way to access the blissful freedom of your inner self.


Master Yoga 1 Programme

All major chakras bloom like lotuses and the core of kundalini rises into the heart chakra as a minimum. Guidance to become an instrument of Divine Source in real, everyday life. A wonderful series of deep meditative practices, that cleanse the whole self, bring great happiness, and provide tremendous support for transforming our daily lives, so that our earthly aspects are synchronised with our spiritual aspects and  our connection to our Source is strengthened. Master yoga is given during the Spiritual Retreat.


Master Yoga Preparation

Prerequisite: Spiritual Retreat (Can be taken during the first retreat)

Price: $110; repeat free


Master Yoga 1-1 & 1-2

Prerequisite MY1-1: Spiritual Retreat, MY1prep  (Can be taken during the first retreat after MY1-prep)

Prerequisite MY1-2: MY 1-1 + 21 days practice + 10x Group or online Open Heart Prayer after MY 1-1 (Given in an online session)

Price: $160; repeat free. (one price includes both MY1-1 and MY1-2)


Master Yoga 1-3 & 1-4

Prerequisite MY 1-3:  MY 1-2 + 14 days practice + 20x group or online Open Heart Prayer after MY 1-2

Prerequisite MY 1-4:  MY 1-3 (minimum of 1 month prior to MY 1-4) +practiced MY1-3 15X + 30x MY prep, MY 1-1, MY 1-2 completely + 30x OHP after attended MY 1-3  + approval.

Price: ??; repeat free. (one price includes both MY1-3 and MY1-4)


Retreat Package

If you are taking the Spiritual Retreat for the first time it is suggested to take the Spiritual Retreat, Master Yoga preparation and Master Yoga 1-1  at the same time. A special retreat package price is offered.

Prerequisite to register for the Spiritual Retreat Package: Either Inner Heart workshop Or Open Heart 6

Price Retreat Package: $550; repeat  $125 (includes Spiritual Retreat, Master Yoga prep and Master Yoga 1-1 & 1-2)


 Mastering Reiki Tummo Workshop

Duration: 1 Day

Prerequisite: Attended the Spiritual Retreat 2x.

Price: to be advised; repeat to be advised

Improving surrender to Divine Source and starting loving Divine Source in any action . Automatically this will also improve the ability to channel Divine energy.