Workshops Explained

Morning and afternoon tea are included in 1-day workshops (1/2 day workshop include one break).


Reiki Tummo Workshops

An effective technique for connecting your self to Divine Universal Energy for healing, opening your spiritual heart, attaining higher consciousness, Enlightenment, and Yoga.


Open Heart Workshops

The open heart workshop series consists of  6 progressive one day workshops where participants are guided through a series of graded exercises to be able to feel and experience their spiritual heart.


Smile-to-your-Heart Workshop

The Smile-to-your-Heart workshop is an easy, step-by-step workshop to opening, feeling and enjoying your heart, based on the best selling book “Smile To Your Heart Meditations: Simple Practices for Peace, Health, and Spiritual Growth by Irmansyah Effendi.


Secrets of Natural Walking Workshop

The Secrets of Natural Walking™ seminar consists of two half day sessions with both theory and interactive practical exercises to help guide us to reap the benefits from walking properly and naturally.

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