Reiki TUMMO Practitioners

Reiki Tummo works by stimulating the flow of vital energy (Chi or Ki) within and around our bodies. This helps to recharge and rebalance the flow of our subtle energies, relieving the effect of stress while activating the body’s natural ability to heal itself.

Treatment session

  • An individual session usually lasts between 30 minutes to one hour.
  • You can sit in a chair or lie down and relax to receive the treatment.
  • A Reiki Tummo practitioner will channel healing energy through their hands to you.

The following practitioners have completed Reiki TUMMO workshops and have agreed to abide by the code of ethics as taught in the Reiki TUMMO level one workshop. Please contact the practitioner directly for price and location.


Lena Gerlikhman  (021) 0275 1715]

Raewyn Somers, Henderson,,  09 8320121 or 0211345935

Mario Marzuki, West Harbour,, 09 8368566.



Jane Hughes: (021) 2407302


Karen Wood, c/- The Massage Clinic, 30 Heuheu Street,Taupo,  07 3770069 or 027 2739160.



Dave: (06) 8387111

Jennifer Scothern,, P O Box 231 Wairoa 4160,  021 2932434.



If you are a Reiki TUMMO practitioner and would like to have your name included here please contact us