Heart Meditation Meetings

Come and join us at our weekly Heart Meditations!  Heart Meditation is a gentle introduction to your spiritual heart.  This is a simple, easy meditation requiring no effort or special skill.Open to beginners as well as experienced meditators.   Everyone is welcome!

There are Open Heart Meditation Meetups in different parts of New Zealand. All are welcome and it is free to join. You don’t need any experience in meditation to join. Please contact the organisers below for more details.


Heart & Healing Meditation

Starting with heart strengthening, followed by a guided open heart meditation and finishing with group Reiki TUMMO channeling. Enjoy the peace, calmness and joy from your spiritual heart.

Donations welcome

Where:  19 Tiverton Rd, Avondale, Auckland

When:  7:30 to 9 pm,  2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month. 

June: 11th and 25th
July: 9th and 23rd
August: 13th and 27th


Pauline         021 1407252    pauline.weeds@outlook.co.nz


Open Heart Meditation Meet-up

We start with a chat about our spiritual heart, then some “heart strengthening” exercises to get to know and experience of the heart, followed by a guided open heart meditation. Sometimes we finish up with Reiki TUMMO channelling to all while you sit comfortably in a chair.  Enjoy the peace, calmness and joy experienced by connecting to your heart…and you are welcome to stay for a cuppa and supper afterwards.

Where: 9, Anglesea Street, Hamilton

When: Wednesday 6.45 pm

Enquiries: Jane Wheeler  +64 21 240 7302 openheartmeditation.nz@gmail.com



Where: 2/13 Arama Street, Taupo 3330

When: Every wednesday evening, 7 pm

Contact: Jo & Tony (07) 3768667 tony.jo88@gmail.com