Free Reiki Usui Attunement – Every Month

A free Usui Reiki Level 1 distant attunement is given on the 1st of each month 6.30 – 6.45 pm NZ time which is available to anyone who is willing to receive. There is no need for advanced registration just be ready during the scheduled time and follow the instructions below  ‘what to do for a distant attunement’.

The Attunement Explained

The Usui Reiki Level 1 attunement will open the upper half of your main energy channel (sushumna channel) from crown chakra to heart chakra. It will also cleanse the energy channels and the heart, crown and palm chakras. The main benefit of the attunement is to help your heart to be better connection to Divine Love and Light so your heart can be opened and cleansed better by Divine Love and Light. After receiving the attunement you will be able to channel Reiki energy to yourself and to others. Those that have already attended Reiki Tummo workshops are also encouraged to join these attunements. The attunement is given distantly by Padmacahya founder Irmansyah Effendi.
Note: this is not a Reiki Tummo attunement which, in comparison, opens the whole sushumna (from base chakra to crown chakra), awakens the kundalini and opens all main chakras.

What to do for a Distant Attunement

It is suggested that you do open heart meditation daily before and after the attunement for the best results. The Open Heart Meditation (by Irmansyah Effendi) recording can be downloaded on iTunes or cdbaby.
Please study how to do Self Healing/Treatment with Reiki. You can find information on the web or Reiki books. You need to do self healing straight after the attunement is finished to make good use of the attunement as the energy flow is still working on you even though the attunement has finished. Suggested positions for self healing are mentioned below.

1. On the attunement day find a room where you will not be disturbed. The attunement will take about 15 minutes. It is good to dim the light and have gentle music playing to help you be more relaxed. Having Incense burning or Aroma therapy will help to neutralise any negative energy released during the attunement. Remember the attunement is also a cleansing process.

2. About 45 minutes before the attunement, it is good to do light exercise for about 30-60 seconds for each part of the body such as stretching. This will help the energy flow better in your physical body.

3. As the attunement will help to open your heart connection to Divine energy for the best results we suggest that you do Open Heart Meditation after the light exercise. You should start the Open Heart Meditation at least 25 minutes before to ensure that you are ready on time for the attunement. The Open Heart Meditation can be downloaded on iTunes or cdbaby. For more information have a look at the Open Heart Meditation page.

4. Just before the attunement starts dim the lights, turn on the music and light incense. Sit on a chair and try to keep your spine straight without forcing it. Make sure that your legs are not crossed, the energy flow is better if both feet are grounded. Put both of your hands on your thighs with your palms facing upwards and keep them like this for the duration of the attunement.

5. During the attunement, simply relax smile at your heart and surrender to Divine Source of Love and Light (no need to do anything just intend for the above steps to happen). Do not make any effort to concentrate. Do not practice any breathing technique. Try to be as still as possible and enjoy whatever happens.  Also be willing to open your heart to Divine Source to receive more Divine Love and Light during the attunement.

6. After the attunement, do a complete self-healing. Take your time and do it properly and enjoy with a smile and happy feeling from your heart all the time. You can finish with some light exercise to help the energy flow better.

For the best result  do self healing daily for at least 21 days. It is best to do it everyday even after you pass the 21-days period to maintain your health and improve your energy. Since the main benefit of channelling Reiki energy is to open and cleanse our heart, it is best to also do Open Heart Meditation every day to cleanse our heart better and to open our heart more to Divine Love and Light.

Self healing

Intend to channel energy from both palms – then simply lay your hands on the following positions – Relax smile and surrender.
The following positions are suggested for self healing. Channel energy  to each position for 3 minutes in the order described below.

FRONT OF THE BODY: Forehead/face, Cheeks, Throat, Upper chest, Lower chest, Stomach, Thighs, Knees, and Ankles

BACK OF THE BODY: Back of the head, Nape of the neck, Upper back, Lower back/waist, Buttocks, Back of thighs, Calves and Soles of the feet

More detail on self healing and other reiki healing  techniques are  taught in Reiki Tummo workshops also see upcoming workshops