Activities & Services

A variety of activitites and services are provided including:

Heart Meditation Meetings

Heart Meditation is a gentle introduction to your spiritual heart.  This is a simple, easy meditation requiring no effort or special skill. Heart meditation meetings are held regularly at these locations….. more ….

Reiki TUMMO Healing Clinics

You are invited to experience a relaxing Reiki TUMMO group healing session in our Healing Clinic.  The energy from group healing is very powerful, yet safe and non-intrusive and very relaxing.  ….more….

Reiki TUMMO Practitioners

Reiki TUMMO practitioners are available at many locations around NZ to give treatments. Reiki Tummo works by stimulating the flow of vital energy (Chi or Ki) within and around our bodies. This helps to recharge and rebalance the flow of our subtle energies, relieving the effect of stress while activating the body’s natural ability to heal itself. … more ..

Introductory Seminars

Introductory seminars are offered in some locations on request ….  more ….


Online Open Heart Meditation

The open heart meditation is conducted regularly in an online chat room.  See here for the meditation schedule and chat room instructions.

 Free Reiki Usui style  attunement every month

A free Usui style Reiki Level 1 distant mass attunement (i.e. does not include Kundalini awakening) is given on the 1st of each month 6.30 – 6.45 pm in every time zone. This attunement is available to any person who wants to be ready to recieve, the recipient will be able to channel Divine Energy for themselves and for others at the level of Reiki Usui Level 1.. ….. more ….