Reiki TUMMO Explained

An effective technique for connecting yourself to Divine Universal Energy for healing, opening your spiritual heart, attaining higher consciousness, Enlightenment, and Yoga

Reiki TUMMO is not about how to become a healer. On the contrary, in Reiki TUMMO you learn and realize that the best healer is always the Divine Source [Source of Divine love and light]. In Reiki TUMMO you learn that the blessing of the Divine Source is the mightiest power. You will let this blessing work on you and through you to gain unlimited benefits. By having this understanding in energy channeling, you will be able to let the blessing of the Divine Source help you in everything you need, not only in your daily life but also for your spiritual growth. In Reiki TUMMO, you will not simply hear or read about this, but you will also experience the beautiful feelings from Divine Source in your heart and self. The heart is the  part of you that can connect to the Divine Source, receive the blessing of Divine Source and Reiki TUMMO is a tool to connect your heart to Divine Source and to help you to open your heart.
So, although Reiki TUMMO is an energy channeling technique, the essence of Reiki TUMMO is not energy channeling. Reiki TUMMO is about:

  • Understanding more of the blessings of the Divine Source
  • Understanding more about your heart, as the heart is the key to your connection to the Divine Source
  • Being connected to your heart and being in your heart to be able to be connected to the Divine Source and to feel peace, calmness, joy and happiness in your daily life as heart is the key to attain this
  • Connected to your True Self in preparation for the real spiritual journey, as the real spiritual journey is about your True Self getting closer to the Divine Source (Source of the True Self)

By practicing Reiki TUMMO not only can you expect to be healthier, able to channel energy to heal yourself and others, to have more peace,calmness, happiness and joy in your daily life, but also to progress spiritually by the way of the heart. First, you can be connected better to your heart. Then, you will be able to be within your heart in your daily life and achieve real understanding from the heart about the Divine Source and the blessing of the Divine Source. This enables you to receive the blessing of the Divine Source as the mightiest power to help you to progress without limitation.


In the two Kirlian photos above of a person’s fingertips before and after the attunement, you can clearly see the differences. The energy around the person who has received the first degree attunement becomes thicker and improves in quality (brighter). Thus, not only will the practitioner be energetic by having more vital energy, but will also tend to be healthier as the protective layer is much thicker and stronger.

If you consider yourself to be someone who:

  • Wants to be healthier.
  • Wants to have more peace, calmness, happiness and joy in your daily life.
  • Wants to be able to channel energy to heal yourself and/or others.
  • Wants to be closer to the Divine Source by connecting your heart.
  • Wants to progress spirituallyYou can gain many benefits from Reiki TUMMO.

Reiki TUMMO consists of Japanese and Tibetan words.  You already know that Reiki consists of two Japanese words Rei and Ki that mean vital energy from the universe.  TUMMO is a Tibetan word which means inner fire and refers to the Kundalini. If you have read some advanced yoga books, then you have certainly read about Kundalini. Kundalini is a natural power within every human that normally lies dormant. You need this special energy to advance spiritually and attain higher achievements in your spiritual development (more info about Kundalini). So, Reiki TUMMO actually deals with both Reiki (universal energy) and TUMMO (Kundalini energy), giving you as a practitioner the chance to grow very rapidly with the synergy of these two powerful energies.

An important step for spiritual growth is cleansing. If you are only using the universal energy for cleansing, the energy will cleanse from the top down as divine energy starts flowing into your body from the crown chakra. However, as you still have blockages, there will be less and less universal energy that can reach the lower part of your body. It will take years before the universal energy can do a complete cleansing on the lowest chakra, the base chakra. On the other hand, if you are only relying on the Kundalini energy, as the center of the Kundalini energy is your perineum, located between your rectum and your sexual organ at the level of your lowest major chakra, the cleansing will occur from the bottom up. And similar to what happens in the cleansing with universal energy, it will take many years before the Kundalini energy can do a complete cleansing on the crown chakra. However, working with Reiki TUMMO, these two very powerful energies will work in synergy giving you the simultaneous and thorough cleansing and all of your main chakras. Thus, you can get all of your main chakras cleansed in a very short time compared to using only universal energy or Kundalini energy.

Combined and Synchronized Cleansing in Reiki Tummo

Combined and Synchronized Cleansing in Reiki Tummo

The attunement of Reiki TUMMO is also very special as it connects you to Divine energy, the earth core, and your heart. The attunement also opens your heart chakra, the knots of all of your chakras on your sushumna, and your whole sushumna from the crown chakra all the way to your base chakra. Your energy channel and your palm chakras are also opened to enable you to channel energy.

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