Q: If I am already attuned to level 1 in another kind of Reiki  L, can I go directly to Level 2  in Reiki TUMMO?

A: No, A Reiki TUMMO attunement is different from attunements from other traditions of Reiki. In addition to attuning you to Divine Energy the level 1 Reiki TUMMO attunement also prepares you for the Kundalini awakening in level 2, so you need to start from Level 1 regardless of any other reiki attunements you may have recieved in the past.


Q: Why do you use the term True Source?

A: The term True Source referes to the source of our true self. We prefer to use ‘True Source’ because it is a neutral term which doesn’t have a charged history.  Feel free to replace the term ‘True Source’, with any phrase, which for you, represents the Ultimate Source of Love and Light.


Q: How can a Reiki TUMMO attunement prevent Kundalini Syndrome?

A: Kundalini syndrome is caused when the energy released from the awakened kundalini becomes blocked. Kundalini awakening with Reiki TUMMO attunement is one of the safest methods in the world. Unlike many other methods the sushumna (the energy channel) is opened completely from the base chakra to the crown chakra in the level 1 attunement so that when the kundalini is awakened in level 2 the energy can be released easily. Problems can occasionally only occur if  the flow of Kundalini energy is blocked by bending the sushumna channel (backbone) with very poor body posture for an extended time. This is easly prevented or corrected by simply maintaining  a correct body posture.


Q: Can I use Reiki TUMMO to eliminate negative habits such as smoking?

A: First of all, you must want to quit smoking. If you do not have a strong desire to quit, your effort might not succeed. If you do have a strong will to quit, practicing Reiki TUMMO regularly will help you to do so.


Q: Can Reiki TUMMO heal problems caused by virus/bacteria?

A: Yes, Reiki TUMMO energy is useful for this and many other types of problems


Q: Can a practitioner channel too much Reiki TUMMO healing and cause an overdose?

A: Reiki TUMMO energy is a vastly intelligent energy that will stop flowing automatically when it is no longer needed so when a person or area of the body has recieved enough energy the energy will simply stop flowing.


Q: Is Reiki TUMMO safe for a pregnant woman?

A: Yes, in fact experience has shown that pregnant women that recieve regular treatments of Reiki TUMMO have a smoother delivery and the babies tend to be more peaceful and healthier.


Q: What is an energy channel?

A: An energy channel is a non physical channel through which energy flows in much the same was a blood flows through blood vessels.


Q: What is sushumna and where is it located?

A: The sushumna is the main non physical energy channel in our body. It is located along the centre of the spine.


Q: How is incense used during attunements or healing?

A: Insence is used to neutralise negative energy. It is not related to any ritual so can be replaced with aromatherapy by burning essential oils or lighting an aromatherapy candle or if preferred not used at all.


Q: Is there any restriction or specific requirement before learning Reiki TUMMO?

A: None