Open Heart Meditation

Open Heart Meditation helps us to feel and experience peace, calmness and joy. Through this  meditation we connect with our spiritual heart which is the key to connecting to the Source of Love, Light and all these feelings of peace and calmness.

The Heart

As human beings, we not only consist of a brain and physical body, we are also spiritual beings and  have a spiritual heart. This non-physical heart is the key to letting go negative emotions, being more forgiving and experiencing a deep, peaceful joy. It is also the key to our connection with our Source, the Source of our true self.

Open Heart Meditation

Open Heart Meditation is different from other forms of meditation because it centres around the spiritual heart. As we use our spiritual heart to connect to the Source of Love and light, our True Source,  our heart can strengthen and we are able to feel peace, calmness and joy as a natural effect. The more we do the Open Heart Meditation, the more our heart opens and the easier it becomes to feel these wonderful feelings not only during the meditation but also in our daily lives. If we can open our hearts, then we can experience wonderful feelings, release ourselves from negativities and realise more about the purpose of our life.

Some of the benefits Open Heart Meditation gives:

  • We feel light, calm, and joyful
  • We are far from stress
  • We find it easy to smile from our heart
  • We are mentally, physically, and emotionally healthy
  • We are able to pray from within our heart
  • We are able to do good deeds with love from our heart
  • We are more grateful for everything
  • We surrender more and are less attached

Meditating at home, Meetups and Workshops

There is a 24 minute guided meditation which can be downloaded from ITunes (‘Open Heart Meditation’ by Irmansyah Effendi) or Cdbaby(link). Just sit upright, in a quiet place and listen to the meditation recording.

There is also an online meditation at 7pm New Zealand time which is free to join (Online Meditation)

Meetups are held in different parts of New Zealand and are free to join (Meetups)

Workshops are held quite regularly throughout the year and help to be more connected to our True Source by opening the heart more. (Upcoming Workshops)