Open Heart FAQ

Q: Do you have to change your beliefs to take Open Heart Workshops?

A: People from all walks of life and different religions and denominations take open heart workshops.  The workshops are not about the development of a belief system.  They are about helping you to deepen your heart experience.


Q: Why do you use the term True Source or Divine Source?

A: We prefer the term ‘True Source’ (meaning source of our True Source) or ‘Divine Source’ (meaning source of Divine Love and Light) because it is a neutral term which does not have a charged history.  Feel free to replace the term ‘True Source’ or ‘Divine Source’, with whatever phrase that, for you represents the Ultimate Source of Love and Light.


Q: Why weren’t we taught how to enjoy and be in our hearts?

A: Our educational system is based on brain development. We learned in almost every moment to be brain dominant, and very seldom did we truly get to experience our hearts. There was not a proper understanding or experience that our heart is the center of feeling and the key to happiness and joy.  Many of us were actually taught not to feel, because all priority was given to the rational thinking mind.  In Open Heart Workshops you will be able to feel the best of the best.  That is, feeling the blessings of love and light.


Q: What if someone feels heartbroken?

A: What people refer to as heartbroken is actually a word to describe unresolved emotional pain.  The solar plexus is the center for emotional pain and trauma.  On the contrary, our heart is the center of feeling peace, calm, love, gratitude and joy. Our heart is calling us, and inviting us to relax, smile, and enjoy all of the gifts that Love and Light offers. Moreover, our heart wants to be free to be an instrument of light and love.


Q: Isn’t it too vulnerable to live in our hearts all the time?

A: Our heart is not a place where we get hurt; it is a place where we heal. Our heart is the center for making clear, insightful, wise and loving choices. Our heart is not a place where we can be manipulated; it is the center of clarity where we can experience truth. Our heart is the center of our greatest strength and it is not a place that can be contaminated by others.  We are the only ones who can pollute the field of our heart.


Q: Do I have to sit on the floor for long periods with my eyes closed?

A: You can sit on the floor or in the chair.  What is most important is that you are comfortable.   There will be many closed eyed exercises that you will do and most of them will be for relatively short periods.  Participants do not find that the exercises are too lengthy.   The different exercises are systematically designed to help you integrate the experience of your heart, so that you can transfer the experience of the workshop to your everyday life.


Q: Where does the peace, love and joy originate from?

A: The deepest peace and love that is available to us in our earthly existence is the spark of light and love in the core of our hearts.  This spark is the purest aspect of our deepest self and is directly connected to the True Source, the source of Love & Light.


Q: Why do I feel hesitant about Opening my Heart?

A: Even though we have been told the importance of opening our hearts, we are often hesitant in doing so. The reason is that there is a concern, or perhaps even a fear, that opening our hearts will make us vulnerable or that we may get hurt again like we did in the past.   We may equate an open heart with emotional hurts from our past. Paradoxically, opening our heart does not mean that we will be easily exposed to negative emotions. On the contrary, as our heart opens and becomes stronger, positive heartfelt feelings will grow and automatically reduce negative emotions.  Being in our heart can not hurt us. Actually, completely opening our hearts will heal us on the deepest levels so that we can feel whole, complete, satisfied and fulfilled from moment to moment in our lives.


Q: Do I need any previous experience to come to the Open Heart Workshops?

A: No previous experience is needed or necessarily helpful.  Most people with no previous meditation practice can experience the beauty of their heart easily.