Sweet Heart: HEART AND LOVE Series – Book One

Heart is the key to peace, calmness, and joy. Heart is the key to our connection to the Creator. Unfortunately, we use our brain much more than we use our heart in our daily life. We learn many things for our brain but very little for our heart. When we do learn something for our heart, it simply remains a theory.

This book is the first in the Heart and Love series that guides your children step by step in opening and using their hearts in their daily lives. With the opening of their hearts,  your children will:

  • be able to pray from the heart with love
  • do good deeds for others with love
  • become calmer and be able to study better
  • imporve their creativity
  • become more confident
  • become healthier
  • remain within the Creator’s Blessings at all times
  • strengthen their hearts which gives them a peaceful, joyful and calm feeling
  • have less emotions

This book talks about the importance of using the heart and offers detailed instructions on how to activate the heart. By following the instructions and doing the exercise properly, your children’s hearts will open more, and they will be more connected to the Creator. The exercise is effective not only for children but also for readers of all ages.

Please do not think that by opening their hearts, your children will  becme more emotional. Feeling from the heart and emotions are two different things. Heart is the centre of calmness, peace, joy and other wonderful feelings in your children’s heart will become stronger, and these will automatically cleanse/remove any existing negative emotions.


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