REIKI TUMMO: An Effective Technique for Health and Happiness (Book)

Reiki Tummo: An Effective Technique for Health and Happiness is an essential guide in your journey of self discovery and fulfillment. It is a clear and comprehensive introductory book for beginners with no spiritual background, yet deep and advanced enough for experienced spiritual seekers to appreciate and advance further.

It contains in-depth information on a broad spectrum of subjects including energy channeling and connecting to the inner heart. The simple, yet effective techniques are explained in easy-to-follow steps that show how to:

  •  Improve health, the quality of meditation and energy channeling abilities.
  • Strengthen the connection to the heart and increase the potential to find happiness within its peace, calmness and beauty.
  • Prepare readers for advanced spiritual studies with the heart and inner heart



All truth is in your heart, not in the physical heart, but in the core within yourself where your true self resides. To access that truth you must open your heart and REIKI TUMMO can help you do just that. REIKI TUMMO is not a tradition founded on Usui Reiki. It is a technique that developed independently and goes beyond healing to assist you in your spiritual growth. Spiritual progress in REIKI TUMMO is based on learning to use your heart more in your daily life and opening your heart for true insight and understanding.

When you learn REIKI TUMMO you are introduced to energy channeling for healing, but also as a tool to lead you to that inner part of yourself that you may have forgotten. With the energy channeling, you experience your heart and learn directly from your heart, rather than from others.

The role of the REIKI TUMMO master is to help you connect with your heart, with divine energy and with the earth’s core energy so you immediately experience the beauty of these connections. The link to your heart enables you to connect to your heart easier. You feel the peace and the stillness in your heart, that center of true peace and calmness. Your connection to divine energy is an essential element in spiritual development because divine energy is the most effective energy for cleansing and opening the heart.

A core practice of REIKI TUMMO allows you, as a practitioner, to let divine energy flow into your heart continuously, cleansing, purifying and opening your heart. Divine energy is the most important factor in helping you to be within your heart, rather than simply observing or focusing on your heart. By being in your heart, you experience divine light filling your heart with infinite joy and peace. You experience bliss. Without a connection to your heart and to divine energy, you will never have this experience. .

As you are also connected to the earth’s core energy, you experience the bliss while still living in daily and routine situations. So, you enjoy all the beauty of living in your heart while going about your regular activities and living a typical life.

As a REIKI TUMMO practitioner, your main energy channel within your spine opens from the top of your head to your tailbone. This main energy channel is crucial for your health as all of your vital organs are connected to your spine. When this channel is open, energy flows freely: stale and negative energy is released easily and clean energy can flow in effortlessly. The opening of your main energy channel, together with your ability to channel energy, improve your physical, mental and emotional health significantly. So, with REIKI TUMMO not only do you learn to channel energy to be healthier, but all of the extras help you to be happier in your daily life.

These benefits are simply the beginning. In REIKI TUMMO Level 2, your Kundalini is awakened. The Kundalini is a natural power within all human beings and it is sought by those who are serious about their spiritual growth. Kundalini is the special energy that helps you to thoroughly cleanse your energy body continuously, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. However, the Kundalini is hard to awaken. Spiritual seekers can spend years of practice to have their Kundalini awakened and, even with special practices, they still have to take specific precautions so the strong energy of the Kundalini doesn’t create problems. In REIKI TUMMO, your Kundalini is awakened instantly and safely on the second day. You are given clear explanations about the Kundalini: what it is, why its awakening is crucial to spiritual progress and why Kundalini awakening with REIKI TUMMO is safe and easy. Once it is awakened, your Kundalini will help you with the cleansing
process and you can expect to have better health, feel happier and enjoy rapid spiritual growth.

The good news does not stop here! We all know that the heart is the key to the real truth for all truth is within our hearts. No other being can manipulate the truth within your heart. The only question is how to access the truth when the brain dominates your life and blocks any connection to your heart.

This is what REIKI TUMMO is actually about. REIKI TUMMO prepares you for something more advanced: to go within your heart into your inner heart and find all the truth within. Only as your heart and only with access to the real truth, can you grow spiritually. REIKI TUMMO is simply the beginning of the more serious lessons.

As the intention of this book is to give you in-depth knowledge about REIKI TUMMO, all the lessons included in REIKI TUMMO workshops are discussed here in detail. In fact, the content of this book is based on the materials given in workshops conducted by our foundations PADMAJAYA (in Indonesia) and PADMACAHAYA (world-wide) because the materials have been found to be effective. To give you a better understanding of the topics discussed, questions asked at our workshops are added at the end of most chapters.

I hope that this book will give you the necessary insight into REIKI TUMMO and the heart. May Divine Source bless us all to have healthier and happier lives and to be closer to Divine Source.

Irmansyah Effendi
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