Reiki Tummo – The experience of one Usui Reiki Practitioner

by Gerard Laracy

As a Reiki Usui practitioner looking to expand my understanding of spiritual ideas, I became drawn to the Tummo system. Initially, it was the opportunity to experience awakening of the Kundalini that intrigued me most . I knew little about this but was aware that opening the Kundalini is no simple feat and that traditional methods require years of diligent practice. So I felt incredulous at the possibility of any instant method. However, the results speak for themselves.

The first workshop was held in New Zealand in May 2002. As this was the first Reiki Tummo workshop to be held in this country we had the honour of being instructed by the founder and teacher, Grandmaster Irmansyah Effendi. I was surprised at first as he is younger than I had expected (mid 30’s) and  wore casual clothes – no monastic robes or love-beads to be seen. What’s more, because he trained as a scientist his approach to teaching spirituality is so down to earth and rational that for the first time I didn’t see academia and spirituality as being diametrically opposed. His vast knowledge, his endless patience, and his deep humility, make Master Irman Effendi a true modern guru. So despite many things not being as I had expected I became curious enough to return on the second day.

Tummo combines the energies of Reiki and Kundalini to increase healing abilities and reach a higher consciousness in a very short time. Reiki energy provides healing and psychic protection while Kundalini flows 24 hours a day to cleanse all levels of the body. In addition, all energy channels and chakras are fully opened and developed. I soon realised that Reiki Tummo goes way beyond other Reiki systems and after the Reiki 1and 2 attunements plus the Kundalini awakening on the second day, I noticed a distinct increase in both the quantity and quality of energy flows. The newly opened Kundalini works continuously to cleanse the body and I was left with a feeling of warmth up my spine. This served as a continual reminder over the following weeks that this workshop was more than mere theory.

The key factor in my ongoing interest is the emphasis placed on the development of the Heart. This is central to Reiki Tummo. It is only through developing and using the true Heart that we can channel energy correctly, pray effectively and advance spiritually. I thought I already knew this concept but Tummo takes it to a much higher level. Development is only limited by our own willingness to open our Hearts fully. But, be warned – this process involves a lot of laughing as breaking open the heart can be a real fun process too! Its great, the more you let go, the more you get out of it!

For anyone serious (or not so serious) about energy healing and learning more about the spiritual path to Yoga I definitely recommend that you experience Reiki Tummo and decide for yourself. This is all just the beginning in a complete system of further spiritual development, the goal of which is true Yoga – unity with the Creator.

Follow your Heart; it always knows the truth.

– Gerard  Laracy (NZ)