Comparing Yogic Kundalini and Reiki TUMMO

by Ed Rubenstein (USA)

I would like to share my understanding about kundalini since I have experience of kundalini from both the perspective of the ancient traditional Yogic approach and Reiki TUMMO. I practiced kundalini from an ancient yogic approach for over 15 years, and that included 3 years in Nepal and India.

Awakening of kundalini by Yogic Guru or representative of the Guru is referred to as shaktipat or initiation. A typical way this occurs is through the repetition of a siddha mantra while focusing on a particular chakra. This activates kundalini, breaks the knot it the base chakra and can open the ida channel. The teachings explain this as the most blessed gift and the start of the real journey of life because Kundalini begins its spiritual journey home. The problem is that even the great Yogic Spiritual Masters who disciples view as fully self-realized beings or deities in human form do not claim to be able to open up the other chakra knots that block kundalini from being able to flow up the core channel (sushumna). The Yogic Spiritual Masters say that the widening of the sushumna and opening of the chakra knots can not instantly occur because tremendous amounts of samskara (karma) would be released and a disciple could not survive the personal trauma and turmoil that would occur from the ripening of the karma. So in addition to using a siddha mantra to meditate and arouse kundalini, there are other yogic practices that are taught. For example, there is pranayam breathing to purify the ida and pingala energy channels, asana postures for developing glands, meditation on the chakras using the acoustic sound of that particular chakra along with the color and shape relevant to that chakra, fasting, pure vegetarian diet, and other spiritual practices. The goal of these practices is to purify the seven energetic body layers referred to as the Kosas, open energy channels and the chakra knots, and widen the sushumna so that kundalini can complete its journey.

I spent many months in the Himalayas engaging in these practices for seven hours a day. I was able to experience the space between my thoughts and the space between my breaths, which is traditionally considered to be an important passage, but my sushumna and all of my chakra knots did not open. I had kundalini energetic sensations, though after many years of practice I concluded that my efforts had long ago stagnated and I did not experience any new significant spiritual progress. As I observed friends and yogic monks and nuns from different yogic traditions, who engaged in extensive yogic kundalini practices for many years, I felt that they were not making the big spiritual breakthroughs that I once believed would occur if we just meditated long enough or more diligently. My dream of kundalini reaching the crown chakra and achieving the highest Samadhi states was broken and I became disillusioned with the ancient system of Yoga.

From my experience, the traditional ancient yogic path has limitations that are often not understood by spiritual seekers when they are beginning the yogic path. I share these not to be disrespectful to the honored ancient traditions, but to help spiritual seekers realize that there is a difference between the old school yogic approach and Reiki TUMMO which is available to us in the present and supporting us to fulfill our ultimate spiritual destiny. This is available to us now due to the shifts in existence that have occurred since the year 2000.

Below are the limitations of the ancient yogic path that I have come to understand.
1: Students frequently become top heavy, like a tree that grows wide on the top but does not have a root system to support its top growth.
Asana postures are used as the main spiritual practice to accomplish grounding. The problem is that during the initiation or shaktipat with the Yogic teacher, the sushumna channel is not opened to the core of the earth. Proper rooted grounding is not achieved, and it is common that students may become spacey, ungrounded, or develops health problems because they are not properly connected to earth energy.

2: The initiation or shaktipat does not open all of the chakra knots, the core channel (sushumna) is not opened and the chakras are not opened. Hundreds and hundreds of hours of practice with the best Yogic techniques, even those not found in books and only passed down from teacher to student, does not result in the opening of chakra knots and widening of the sushumna. The opening and widening of the sushumna represents exhausting lifetimes of negative Karma. This is viewed as very difficult to achieve or to live through, since ones life would fall apart due to the excessive negative karma that ripened.

3: Ancient Yogic Systems are mostly based on worship of a Guru or worship of a lineage, which is supposed to represent the highest embodiment of God. Surrender or worship to the Guru as the embodiment of the Divine, is the vehicle to take the spiritual seeker from illusion to Yoga. The Guru is set up to be the divine bridge. The problem with this approach is that it creates a boundary between our Spirit and our direct connection to the True Source which can only take place in the core of our Heart. A picture of the spiritual master is frequently placed on the puja (alter) table. Devotional offerings are directed to the Guru or the lineage which are viewed as the sacred representative that was responsible for awakening the seekers kundalini. Through the Guru or lineage worship approach, transcendent experiences can occur such as meeting of the Guru or other teachers on the subtle dimensional realms. The student can hold onto these experiences as if they are major divine occurrences.
The problem is that this can become a limitation, because the goal of Yoga has nothing to do with the experience of visiting the learning dimensions. The true goal of Yoga, no matter what tradition in which it is being practiced, is nothing less than complete union with the Creator. When we offer our devotional energy to any being in human form or to a being on a higher dimension, we limit ourselves and our spiritual potential. Any time we seek to open our heart to anything other than to the direct connection of the Love of the True Source, we have become misaligned with the ultimate goal of existence. The Guru and disciple relationship is not beyond the law of karma. Only the Love of the True Source which is beyond the law of karma, can take us Home to Yoga.

4: In order to grow spiritually, the basic premise is that sexual energy needs to be transmuted and sublimated to spiritual essence which is referred to as “ojas”.  Spiritual energy is supposed to rise and stimulate the pineal gland. Fasting, asanas, vegetarian diet, and spiritual practices are utilized to keep the lower three chakras from becoming stimulated and emphasis is on vibrating the higher chakras. Stagnant force, known as “Tamaguna” is said to dominate the lower chakras and keeps one in “animality”. One is supposed to stay connected to the upper chakras which are dominated by the sentient force of “Sattwaguna”. This is viewed as the path to become divine.  This yogic approach can create conflicts, and splits within oneself.  If a male ejaculates or has a wet dream, there is often guilt that he will not be able to achieve great spiritual heights and concerns develop that kundalini advancement will be limited. Monks often become frustrated because they have taken vows of celibacy, yet sublimating sexual energy can be a most difficult challenge. From the traditional yogic approach, dealing and managing sexual energy can become a very big issue that can consume a lot of mental energy, and lead to much confusion and agitation, not only with monks, but with householders who seek spiritual realization.

5: A common theme in the traditional yogic approach is that struggle is the essence of life. Progress is achieved by learning to calm the monkey mind that likes to jump from thought to thought. The more diligent one becomes in there meditation practice, it is understood that they have to be prepared to deal with a faster ripening of there samskara (karma). So if you go deeper into your meditation, and ripening of karma brings many difficulties to your life, then it is believed that this is a great sign of progress because karmic load is lessening. The problem is that we have accumulated thousands of lifetimes of karma, and the small lessening of the load is minute compared to the huge storehouse of karma that we have. In one lifetime, you can not meditate enough hours to exhaust all of ones karma. Sometimes it is believed that the Guru will take on the karma of the disciples and when the Guru gets ill, it is thought to be the result of karma absorbed from the disciples. Yet the Guru is not able to take on the karma that is involved in the widening of the sushumna and opening of the chakra knots of his disciples. The yogic system is designed to do that over a long period of practice and sacrifice, however from my experience and observation of others, I did not see that happen. In Reiki TUMMO, because allegiance is not to a Guru or lineage, all chakra knots are opened and the sushumna is opened in an instant, due to the Love of the True Source which is the Grace that is beyond the law of karma.

6: The ancient Yogic approach to kundalini does not work directly with the Heart. There is a difference between using the heart chakra as a focal point, and going into the inner layers of the Heart to experience the core of ones True Self. From the traditional yogic approach, the Inner Heart, which is the spark of the True Source in the core of our Heart, is not utilized to make moment to moment choices. Yogic students are not attuned by their traditions to access the loving wisdom of their Inner Hearts. When the experience of the Heart is not the center of what we do and who we are, then we make brain dominant choices which are ego based. Maya or illusion, and more karma are created by our actions when life is not lived from our Heart. From my experience, many believe they are following their Heart, but in actuality, they are in their head thinking that they are following their Hearts.

7: From the perspective of the traditional yogic approach, Yoga is achieved through the union of “Shiva” and “Shakti” when kundalini flows to the crown chakra. This is supposed to represent the completion of ones spiritual journey. In kundalini traditions this is often referred to as Mahasamadhi or Nirvakalpa Samadhi. In Reiki TUMMO, many have come to understand that when kundalini reaches the crown chakra, it is only a step of the real journey Home to Yoga.

8: The traditional Yogic path is often referred to as the “Path of Perfection.” The student is supposed to be a spiritual warrior that is willing to face all challenges and undergo whatever he needs to do so that he or she can achieve the perfection of the seven body layers, and purify themselves to a degree in which they can achieve spiritual realization. The problem is, “who is the one that is seeking perfection.”  The “I” that is seeking perfection can be seeking perfection for less than perfect motives. The “I” is often linked to ego, and the student is using the effort of the ego to attempt to achieve spiritual union that is beyond the ego. Surrender is talked about but not necessarily understood because the Heart is not the core emphasis of the yogic kundalini approach. What needs to be surrendered is being used as the main vehicle to achieve spiritual realization. It’s like a fish swimming around and trying to get out of the water and no matter how much it swims, it is still in the water. The result is that the boundary of “I” and “Thou” is not able to dissolve and the enhancement of spiritual growth is limited. Our human effort is not enough to reach Yoga, yet in the traditional yogic approach it is the discipline of our human effort that is being used as the main tool to reach self-realization.

In due respect to those who may still be practicing ancient yogic systems, I am suggesting that the traditional yogic path that has been practiced for thousands of years, is an outdated paradigm and a limited approach compared to what the path of Reiki TUMMO has to offer. Years ago the traditional yogic view of kundalini, was all that we knew. Now we have a new approach that is available but in order to appreciate the most profound spiritual gift that the path of the Heart provides, we have to be willing to let go of concepts we have read in books about kundalini and yoga. We have to let go of ideas that may have been told to us by teachers of traditional yogic systems because they are invested in their paradigm and may not realize the limitations of their approach. When we follow an old paradigm as if it is the ultimate reality, then we are closed to what the gift of a new paradigm has to offer us.

In my experience, Reiki TUMMO offers us a spiritual gift that has never been available to us before. The potential for greater spiritual progress than we have achieved in thousands of lifetimes, can be realistically experienced in short period of time.

Alumni of Reiki TUMMO do not become top heavy because during the Level 1 attunement the core channel is connected to the core of the earth, and they become better nourished by the earth’s energy. Feeling well rooted and grounded is the result. Health and overall energy levels improve. As one gets further attunements and goes on to participate in Master Yoga, all of the chakras blossom like a lotus. Our energetic system becomes more spiritually open, balanced and healthy. Even while enjoying deep spiritual experiences, we can function in the world and interact more smoothly and efficiently with whatever challenges are before us.

During Level 2, kundalini is safely awakened, the sushumna is widened, and during Level 3 the sushumna is further widened and all seven chakras are opened. In Master Yoga, our chakras blossom like lotuses, the sushumna continues to widen, and kundalini reaches new spiritual heights.

The question is often asked, “How can this be achieved since the happening of sushumna and chakra knots represents the clearing of lifetimes of Karma? The reason is that a Guru or energy from a particular spiritual lineage is not the source of the Attunement. Master Irman explains that the Love of the True Source is beyond the Law of Karma, and the attunements are allowing and relying on the Love of the True Source to dissolve karmic blockages without alumni having to receive the karmic reactions from our past actions. To fully realize what this means, we can never be the same again. For so very, very long, we have been wondering through the karmic bondages of time, digging more and more holes, and falling into those holes over and over again. We have drastically failed to realize how far away we have gotten from our original Home. We have failed to realize the depth of our pain and suffering from our separation to our Beloved True Source. We have not known how to get out of the karmic bondages that have kept us enslaved through time. Our karmic debt is huge End our actions and lack of realization has trapped us into a karmic prison. The rock walls of our karmic prison are so thick and yet we have continued to think we can break through by our human effort. It’s like we are trying to escape the prison by scratching at the rock walls with our finger nails and we have been doing this for so long.

We have relied on our false selves rather than relying on the Love of the True Source. We have lived with false beliefs, false dreams, false hopes and false priorities. Existence has now shifted. I realize that the time is here for all of us to receive the wake up call calling us to come Home. It is not hard or difficult, because it is not our effort that will take us Home. The call that we have been waiting for, for millions of years, has come. The Love of the True Source is calling us back to where we belong. We just have to embrace the Love and follow. We don’t have to be separate or alone anymore. The Love wants to break through the Karmic wall of our prison, and cleanse us like a mother cleanses her beloved child.

In Reiki TUMMO there is no worship to a Guru or a lineage. The basic premise is that nothing should ever come between the direct connection of the core of your Heart and the True Source. It is understood that worship to any being, deity, or ascended master, is detrimental to our spiritual progress. We have no interest in playing or ascending through the learning dimensions. We realize that only by completely opening ones Heart and following the Love and Light of the True Source, can one achieve Yoga. Only the Love and Light of the True Source can take us Home. This is the direct path that we have been all been waiting, for so very long.

Sexuality is not an issue like it often becomes in the traditional yogic approach. The reason is that we are not seeking to obtain bliss through the sublimation of sexual energy. Our bliss is experienced by our enjoyment of going deeper into our Heart and dissolving into the Light and Love of the Divine Source. The rising of kundalini is not related to our sublimation of sexual energy. As we open our Hearts and allow the Light and Love to take us deeper and deeper into the Love, kundalini effortlessly rises without any negative effects. In fact, kundalini energy helps to clear blockages in our energy bodies. Sexuality is free to be an expression of love with our spouse without confusion or guilt that it will interfere with our spiritual growth.

In Reiki TUMMO, dealing with the ripening of negative karma is not an issue. Joy is the essence of life because we live in our Heart, and our Heart is the key and the door to the deepest fulfillment that can ever be realized and experienced. As we progress, our life gets easier, even though our karmic load is being lessened and we feel lighter and more joyful. The reason is that we allow the Love of the True Source to work on us completely, and the Love wants to bring us Home. The Love of the True Source does not want us to suffer. It is only because the Love is beyond the law of karma that we can progress so swiftly without any detrimental karmic effects. We embrace the Love and the Love of the True Source dissolves our negativities because the Love wants to bring us closer and closer Home to our ultimate destiny. As we become better and better instruments, the Love wants to radiate in all directions to every being in all of existence. The deeper we embrace and dissolve in the Love, kundalini rises in celebration of our deepening union. It all just keeps getting better and better, more wonderful and more joyful.

The path of Reiki TUMMO is the path of the Heart. The Attunements and Master Yoga program allow us to effortlessly follow the Love and Light into the innermost layers of our Heart, where we experience spiritual union and become instruments while dissolving into the Love and Light of the True Source. We learn to live Heart Centered lives, and make loving wise choices under the guidance of our Inner Heart. This allows us to function in the world without accumulating additional karma and becoming Instruments of the True Source, the way that True Source wants us to be. Without a Heart Centered life, brain dominance prevails and creates a tainted reality and personal illusions.

The journey Home does not end when kundalini reaches the crown chakra. Kundalini has to also pass through all of the learning dimensions and it is crucial that we come to realize and experience the differences between Soul and Spirit. Spiritual growth is growing the Love and Light in our Spirit. As our Spirit grows, kundalini happily ascends beyond the crown chakra.

Reiki TUMMO is very different than the Yogic path of perfection. Master Irman says “The best of us will never be good enough”.  For me, this statement is so deep, and gives me such joy and great relief. I used to think it was my responsibility to find my way Home to the Ultimate Spiritual Destiny. I thought I have to seek more, and do more, to achieve greater spiritual growth. I felt a pressure and a responsibility that I have to be the one to achieve and obtain perfection. Yet, where did I get with all of my efforts, not only from this lifetime, but from all my lifetimes? Where did I get from the thousands of hours of time I invested in meditation practices? In Reiki TUMMO, we don’t attempt to be perfect. We just enjoy our Heart by enjoying the Love of the True Source. We allow the Love to be our guide. We do not have to rely on our own efforts and achievements, because we realize that all efforts results from our brain identification. Our Atma (Spirit) is in the Core of our Heart, and the most direct path to Yoga, is to follow and embrace the Love. We effortlessly enjoy and allow the Love to bring us closer and closer Home. It is a step by step approach beginning with the attunements in Reiki TUMMO 1 and up into the Master Yoga program, that allows this spiritual evolution to occur naturally and easily. I feel that what our souls and spirits have dreamed of for so very long is right here before us. Some Reiki TUMMO alumni may not fully appreciate the gift they have been given because they have read stories about Yogis in the Himalayas, or about the siddhis or yogic occult powers that can be obtained. Yogic powers have nothing to due to with the True Realization of the Heart. For those who may have an allegiance to a Yogic path, I respect your dedication and commitment. My intention is to offer an understanding that a new spiritual approach for obtaining Yoga is now accessible to us, in a way that has never been available to us before. I feel that any ideas or practices that say we can get Home and achieve Yoga other than by following the Love and Light of the True Source, need to be re-examined. It does not make sense to follow something for so very long, thinking it can give you a specific result, when in reality, it does not lead you to where you think you are going. I hope that my sharing will help spiritual seekers to appreciate what Reiki TUMMO offers us.

The key and the greatest gift that we have all been looking for, is the key and door of our own Heart.

– Ed Rubenstein (USA)