Gill (Taupo)

With Open Heart practice I cope significantly better with stressful situations. It grounds me, I have more energy and I receive more love not only from my true source but from others as they reflect my love. An apt saying: What goes around comes around. By following my heart feelings, my attitudes and values have been altered in an ever so nice and balanced way. I can be firm and resolved without being the hard-arse I used be in order to function. Negative emotions no longer consume me. I acknowledge and deal with problems more efficiently as my heart opens further and more often. Another
saying: Effort reaps reward. This effort is joy.

Gillian Cook, Taupo

Rory (Queenstown)

In the Open Heart Workshops I learnt to feel and experience life from a completely different perspective, the heart itself-home to love. Such changes have taken me from suicidal depression, self-pity & doubt, addiction and no motivation to now, living happy & healthy, addiction free, studying full-time, training to become an Olympic athlete and continuing to enjoy wonderful feelings within the heart. I wish the same for many more hearts. I am so grateful and blessed, thank you.  Thank you Francine, teacher, friend, for all your support and guidance

Rory McSweeney :)

Rob (USA)

I took my first Reiki Tummo workshop last April (Reiki Tummo 1 & 2). I took the 3A, Kundalini and Meditation workshops in July. And I did the Inner Heart workshop and Spiritual Retreat about a month ago. So I am relatively new to Reiki Tummo.Before this I had dabbled in meditation a bit. I was attuned to Reiki Usui Level 1 about 3 years ago. I would practice a bit on myself and I could feel the energy flow, which was cool to me. This was not an everyday thing for me, the meditation or Reiki Usui. I didn’t really have a plan of action or a set of exercises, so I did it when I felt like it…. maybe once a week or less… I haven’t studied Buddhism or any other meditation practice. I did read a bunch on the internet for investigation purposes. Other than that I had no real Spiritual path for growth… I had always been more interested in alternative medicine and studying about that. I am a part-time herbalist and helping people heal with the help of herbs was much more concrete to me. It was something I could touch, grab and understand. So consequently, I would spend most of my free time learning about this stuff…. It is interesting, fun and I helped myself and a bunch of other people…. But again no real Spiritual Path….The point I am trying to make here is that before my first Reiki Tummo workshop, I had no real Spiritual direction….not that I didn’t want to grow Spiritually, it just is that I had no real direction, other than trying to be a good person….

So after I took Reiki Tummo 1 & 2 I was floored intellectually, b/c there were concepts I had never even thought of before. Being attuned to the energy was wonderful and it felt very loving and pure. The instructors talked about opening your Heart and this was foreign to me a bit. I came to the workshops to hopefully strengthen my charkas, for whatever reasons. The instructors mentioned a bunch of times, that the Heart was the key to anyone’s Spiritual growth. I really didn’t understand this at the time. So after the workshops, I practiced some of the exercises taught. It felt good and I was excited… My Spiritual Path was starting to form…. still somewhat confused….

While I was taking the 3A, Meditation and Kundalini workshops we did some Open Heart Prayers. I had never really done these before other than once or twice at the previous workshop. It was so wonderful. I could sense my heart expanding and wonderful feelings over taking my body. It was myself allowing the Love of the True Source into my Heart. It finally dawned on me what the instructors were talking about in the first workshops. So I decided that I was going to make an effort to do an Open Heart Prayer everyday. (There is a CD I bought at the workshop that guides one through this). It was great I could feel my heart expanding more and more. It was just a great feeling. What I realized in this time is that the Reiki Tummo “motto” (for lack of a better word) Relax, Smile and Surrender was so true. The more I relax and less effort I used, the better it was. This took me a few weeks/months to fully comprehend. My mind is kind of strong at times :)

So since July I have been doing the Open Heart Prayer for 20-60 minutes almost daily. Then last month I went on the Spiritual Retreat and did the Inner Heart workshop. It just keeps getting better and better. The wonderful pure feelings and the cleansing I went through there was awesome. What was taught there was so profound and powerful, yet so simple. It really is (from what I gathered so far) about opening your Heart and challenging yourself to live in it everyday.

My daily practices are now so much more powerful and more importantly beautiful and I feel that I have a wonderful path to follow. I work full-time as an IT manager, work part-time as an herbalist, play a bunch of sports, so I am quite busy. But in 7-8 months of following Reiki Tummo, with very little previous Spiritual experience, I have come farther than I ever thought I would. It is wonderful, fantastic, and beautiful…. I look forward to my meditation/practice everyday and usually do some when I go to bed and when I awake…. I am starting to “allow” myself to be in my Heart in my everyday activities, but it is just kind of happening….can’t explain it but I don’t think I need to…

Anyways I just wanted to give you a description of someone who has just started with Reiki Tummo and how much progress I have made, with very little effort…. I thought it was too good to be true before I started, but it keeps getting better and more amazing…. and I know I have found my Spiritual Road!!

Love & Light :)