About Us

This website is provided by Padmacahaya NZ  to provide information about Reiki TUMMO and Open Heart , and to promote their related workshops and events.

The Padmacahaya Foundation  is a non profit organization that serves the public in the areas of spiritual healing and spiritual advancement through its commitment to helping people to open their heart to divine love and light and to be physically, mentally-emotionally and spiritually healthier and happier.

The Padmacahaya Foundation was established by Grand Master Irmansyah Effendi M.Sc. in 1999 soon after the  development of the Padmajaya Foundation (Padmacahaya’s Indonesian counterpart), to teach natural healing methods using Divine energy.

The Padmacahaya Foundation also holds spiritual workshops and retreats for Reiki Tummo, Meditation, Kundalini, Master Yoga and Inner Heart to help people to open their spiritual heart and to be closer to the Divine Creator.

Currently, Padmacahaya Foundation along with Padmajaya Foundation has over 44,000 alumni and a growing number of branches all over the globe. There are 44 branches in Indonesia, 28 branches in the USA, and branches in 25 other countries including Australia (6 branches), Singapore, Canada, Panama, Switzerland, New Zealand (4 branches) and Germany (3 branches).


About the Founder

Irmansyah Effendi, the founder of the Padmacahaya and Padmajaya Foundations, began teaching Reiki Tummo in 1998 and Open Heart in 2005. There are now thousands of practitioners in more than 20 countries who have enjoyed the joy and wonder of the simple, experiential techniques and practices….

Local contacts

Regular Reiki Tummo and Open Heart workshops, open heart meditation and Reiki Tummo clinics are held at many locations around New Zealand by local workshop coordinators….


Workshops are taught by both local and international teachers. ….

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If you have questions, would like to arrange for workshops in your area or simply want to comment on our website please contact us